The Coulsdon Amateur Transmitting Society (CATS) is a small but friendly and enthusiastic group of radio amateurs (hams) who have been meeting locally since 1976. But despite our name, you don't have to hold a transmitting licence to join CATS or to attend our meetings. We welcome everyone, regardless of background, with an interest in amateur radio.  

For people considering a possible career in electronics, computing or telecommunications, a hobby such as Amateur radio is an excellent starting point.  Interested in computers? Well, computers become far more interesting when using them to talk to other computers and you can do this using the Internet - or by Radio. For many people Amateur Radio is a lifetime hobby and the earlier you start, the more you can enjoy it.

Equipment can be bought new or secondhand - or homemade. Many CATS members make or repair their own kit and will be delighted to help others to do the same, or provide advice on equipment purchases.

The UK national radio society (RSGB) also provides information for newcomers to the hobby.  The RSGB website describes how to obtain a transmitting licence, but it is good fun to begin simply by listening. The best frequency on which to hear CATS members is on 145.400 MHz, FM, at 11:00 am on Sunday mornings.

Young people are welcome to bring a parent with them to a club meeting or event.  Membership is free for under 18s.  

We also support local events such as village fairs and activities of the scouting and guiding movement such as Thinking Day On Air and Jamboree On The Air.

We hold a wide range of meetings, socials and events. Click on any link below to find out more.

If you would like to attend a meeting it is fine to simply turn up, although it may be better to check first with the Secretary (Terry Giles G4CDY - ) in case there have been any last minute changes to the arrangements.

Information on how become a member is given on the Membership page.

Click here to download a copy of the CATS flyer.

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CATS members Kim G6JXA and Terry G4CDY operating in the SSB Field Day September 2012

CATS member Andy G0KZT helps brownies to gain their Communicator badges  

CATS members Denis M0NDJ, Steve G7SYO and Stuart G6CJR at the start of our 2014 Direction Finding Hunt