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The idea is to have a blank canvas to have a fun with Amateur Radio - to enjoy a full weekend doing whatever we like radiowise, free from of life’s normal domestic chores.

In 2012, 2013 and 2014 we used a site just off the Caterham bypass with clear views towards both the South Downs and the London Basin.

The weekend provides an excellent opportunity to experiment with all aspects of radio from a high and electronically noise-free site. Aerials can be tried out free from the restrictions of typical modern back gardens.

In the past, some members have use the opportunity provided by the Radio Play Weekend to enter contests such as the 144 and 432 MHz MHz Low Power contests. As neither of those contests are 24 hours, there was plenty of time to use those bands for rag-chewing or DX-Ing.  There is normally also an HF station but exactly what depends on what the membership would like to do. Suggestions of aerials, bands and equipment are always very welcome.

Take-Aways such as Fish and Chips, Curries and Chinese are popular washed down by a member’s homebrew ale. And, if you’re still hungry in the morning, then CATS member Len G0GNQ does a legendary fry-up. In between it’s mainly self-catering with a kettle on the go most of the time for tea and coffee. If there is enough interest, a barbecue can be organised. Gas burners will be available and a few pots and pans.

The Caterham site has some basic facilities including a wash room and W/c. Members are encouraged to bring along their camping equipment and enjoy the countryside.

Click here for photos of the 2014 CATS Radio Play Weekend.

Future Play Weekends

Please email if you have any comments to make about running the event on a future occasion.


Preparing antennas for the 2013 CATS Radio Play Weekend

Afternoon scene at the 2013 CATS Radio Play Weekend

Taking a break in the 2014 CATS Radio Play Weekend

Antenna preparation  for the 2012 CATS Radio Play Weekend

Possible site for a future CATS Radio Play Weekend