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23rd May 2015



Was passing by GB3NS today and had a chat with Frank G3ZMF. I’m using a Yaesu FT60 with a Diamond SRH771 antenna sitting on a table in Kilburn NW6. For HF I’m on an FT450D, currently pushing 10W through an indoor loop antenna with surprising results when the conditions are good. Sending greetings; talk to you again soon! 73.

20th Jun 2014

Eddie Franklin G6RIK

I had a really nice first chat today with Frank, G3ZMF ( did I need to include his call sign as he seems a bit of a catalyst on GB3NS ). I moved into the ham side of radio around 82/83.... forgive me for not remembering which as my memory  is shot now that I've turned 60. I took my C&G exams at Paddington College with G4RJS (father of my friend 2E0ULH). I was born with the name Dave but all of my friends call me Eddie including my wife of nearly 30 years who lives with me in Kensington.  I met her after contacting a Hungarian station  HA5BW back in '83. I was on 27 MHz with a tad illegal Somerkamp 767 (Yaesu 707 clone).  I  only use  2m and 70cms at the moment after re-applying for my licence in the last year.  Yaesu FT817 / Icom E91. Regards to all !   

9th Jun 2014

Steve Porter G4NHP

Hi. Had a QSO today with Frank G3ZMF on GB3NS via Echo Link. This was my first contact via Echo Link using my Iphone. Frank pointed me in the direction of your cats website which I found very informative. Good luck to all concerned with everyone involved keeping our precious hobby alive. 73  

6th Jan 2014

Paul Bailey

Clacton on Sea

Just a line to thank you for making your newsletter available. I came across it when Googling for a circuit diagram for an Eagle Products RF-40 RF Field Indicator. I found your web site very interesting and very nicely presented. Best wishes.

18th Dec 2013

Dave Baldwin M0ESB

Hi had a nice chat with Frank today ( via GB3NS repeater. I was operating from my push bike in Cassiobury park in Watford (30 miles as the crow flies from the repeater) using a cheap old Baofeng handy. Needless to say I was quite impressed considering all the obstructions around me. Had a great chat, Frank really promoted you guys at Coulsdon, so much so I have decided to write. 

Hope to use the service much more now as well as trying out the Echolink mode. Best of luck to you all and may your club go from strength to strength.  

18th Nov 2013

Tony G4UZN

Just had a look at the CATS website - a nice job. The club looks fun. There hasn't been an active club in Leeds for donkey's years.   73

29th May 2013

Edmund M0MNG

My name is Edmund and my callsign is M0MNG (previously 2E0MDO until March 2013!) On bank holiday Monday, 27 May 2013, I was operating /P from Chantry Hill near Storrington, West Sussex.

With just 4 Watts from my Wouxon handheld, I was able to access the GB3NS repeater.  My QTH was well on the fringes of the repeater's official coverage area! Despite the fact my signal was weak into the repeater, Frank G3ZMF kindly replied to my call and had a good ragchew with me!

I must thank Frank for his time and patience when talking to me about CATS.  His enthusiasm was obvious and infectious!  He did a really great job at encouraging me to explore the website and read all the previous newsletters.  I have now done this!  I am very impressed with the website.

73 to Frank and to all CATS members.  Hope to work you very soon, probably on VHF / UHF although I am known to pop up on 40 meters sometimes!  

8th January 2013

Mike M0RYK

Good afternoon and greeting from West Kent ARS.

I had a quick chat with Frank G3ZMF via GB3NS this morning.  I was near Mark Cross in East Sussex, about 23 miles from the repeater, using a VX-8DE at 5W, which says a lot for the box, which was delivering S9.  He gave me the CATS hard sell (very nicely), and I have just spent a pleasant half hour admiring your excellent site and newsletter.  Nice to know Frank's a beardie, too. 73.

9th June 2011

Paul Peretta G3SEA/KH6

Aloha all,
Longtime North London expat here.  Your CATSRADIO web site is interesting.
Nice to natter with Frank G3ZMF on Echolink tonight ! We have nattered several times in the past. Due CC&R restrictions Echolink ( and IRLP when outside ) is my only way to get into the U.K. ( and elsewhere ) reliably.
As a schoolboy I was a SWL member of the RSGB and Southgate ARC ( they have a great website too ).
 Due to unusual June rain storms we had 8 inches of snow up on 13,796 ft Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii ( some 200 miles south of the island of Oahu where Honolulu is located. )   I have an older pix on that shows Mauna Kea one February. The U.S. Navy snow plough was clearing  8 ft snow drifts !  Temp was -5 F .
Not sure how you all like the new Hawaii Five O ? 'Soul Surfer' is a wonderful movie about a courageous young surfer girl from Kauai. See it if you can.  I learned to surf in Newquay.
73  Cheers & Aloha          

26th June 2010

Norman VE6AUV

 Just to let you know that I was directed to your site by G3ZMF, so it is his fault ! He said it it would be a good laff and so it was. It made my day thinking of all the cats with their own radio. My cats send their good wishes to you and promise to listen often. Hi. Now let me finish this guff and get back to CATS. Cheers and good luck.  Norman, Calgary  

11th February 2010

Nick KM6LN

 Had a great time on the GB3NS ECHOLINK system on 2/11/10 ... enjoyed meeting Frank, G3ZMF. Hope to ragchew again soon!  

9th January 2010

Simon M3YZD

 Thanks to Frank (G3ZMF) for pointing me in the general direction of your well presented and informative site - shame the CATS group aren't closer as I would love to be involved. Simon, Hanwell, W7.  

17th November 2009

Steven G0STE

 Thanks for another great Bazaar. Managed to get lots of components and of course for the nice cup of tea it went down very well. Also good to speak to other Amateurs from the local area. Best 73

15th November 2009

Steve M0ZEH

 Nice to meet at the bazaar, thanks for the links page details.  I will have a look at them from time to time. 73

12th November 2009

Rick Allan VK2FRMC

 (NB Australian foundation licence has 4 letters after prefix, as above)

I was talking to Frank G3ZMF. He said to have a look at your site it is very good. My call is vk2frmc my name is Rick. I live in Glenmore Park about 50 km or 30 miles west of Sydney.   

7th November 2009

Steve KJ4PXH

 Hello, Name is Steve QTH Lawrenceville GA call is KJ4PXH.  Had a QSO with Frank G3ZMF and he told me about the website. Regular UK call is G0OMM but now live in the USA. 73.


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